Commitment to Quality

Neonsat was founded in faith, in the belief that he can become the leader in consumer electronics. The Neonsat team embodies the vision and the passion needed to consistently deliver the latest technology at the most affordable price.

Neonsat, is originally a development consulting firm, focused on software and hardware engineering. Has now taken shape with the best team of engineers and technicians, we are beginning a new phase, with new solutions, new products and also a new way to interact with consumers.

With many years of experience in providing solutions to companies in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle East, which just do not speak the same language but also share the corporate culture - with a difference zone we can handle. We live in a world where technology takes us to new places every day, where no previous limits, where people can talk around a conference table despite being in another continent.

Turning ideas into products and solutions, and find the right solution that is creatively designed to meet consumer needs....This is our business.


Our vision is a little different from others, is not to be the leader in the consumer electronics industry by consistently delivering the latest technology at a more affordable price, but is to create ideas and turn those ideas into user-friendly products affordable.

Neonsat understand the consumer electronics market and design products to meet the wishes of customers.

NEONSAT - Best Cost X Benefit on the Market