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We always produce the best receivers, with the best picture and sound!

Meet our products

Produce receivers and accessories.

Best Quality

The Picture and Sound have cinema quality!

New Technology

Get all the features of a Smart TV

Modern Features

Clean image and no crashes!

The Neonsat is gaining customers throughout the world, for its quality products!


    Neonsat J23

    The Neonsat introduces the newest SMART receiver for your convenience - J23

    Colors Neo HD

    The Neonsat Colors Neo HD is full of new features

    Colors HD Receiver

    Neonsat Colors HD - A modern receiver with many features!

    Ultimate HD Receiver

    The Ultimate Hd presents a quality image and sound superior to other competitors.

    Oval Antenna

    Specially designed for the use of the ride kit.

    Modem Usb

    Adapter specifically designed for use with satellite TV Receivers and multimedia devices.

    Micro Usb Adapter

    Micro Usb Adapter, designed for optimal use with multimedia devices Receivers.